Seeing through Blindness is a memoir written in the form of a narrative poem that reads like a novel. It will be a blessing to anyone who has ever struggled with God, or a drug addiction, or a disability. I have battled with all three and through God's grace have been victorious. The topics I have written about in my book are raw and from the heart. And, so, from an emotional perspective, Seeing through Blindness drew me out of my comfort zone, but, at the same time, it needed to be written and was cathartic. So, with poetry as my shovel, I dug deeply into my past and unearthed this casket of memories that lied buried for years. It covers a period in my life, from ages 11 to 22, which gives readers a glimpse into one of the most painful and defining phases of my life. I opened up this peephole into my past to show who I was before I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I hope the person who materializes through these pages might become a torch to help guide someone from out of darkness and toward hope. And though only a sliver of my eyesight remains, I am still Seeing through Blindness by the Light of Jesus, my Lord.


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