Seeing Through Blindness


An Autobiographical Drama

Convinced he’s losing his eyesight, a young man with 20/20 vision gets pressed between the worlds of spiritual and physical blindness, as he searches for answers to unearth the phantom behind his blindness.

The drama unfolds during the 1970s in Baltimore and Pasadena, Maryland.  When a life changing event occurs during a little league game, Matt, at age 11, already begins to harden his heart toward God and society.  With the bases loaded, Louie Paul, lumbers to the plate.  Meanwhile, in right field, Matt, who has been having problems seeing the ball, begins to pray. “Dear God, please don’t let him hit the ball my way.”  But when God says “no,” the ball sails over Matt’s head.  He never sees it but hears it rattle the rusty fence behind him.  As he searches for the ball, Nicholas, the first baseman, runs passed Matt, and growls through clenched teeth glinting with braces, “What’s your problem, Matt?”  This would be a question that Matt would get asked hundreds of times concerning his eyesight.  And his answer would always be the same: “Wish I knew.”  Before Nicholas can hurl the ball home, the bases had emptied.  For years, Matt will hear the din of laughter from the stands inside his head.  More than a baseball disappears in Matt’s life that day.  And, soon after, when an eye doctor, at the renowned Wilmer Eye Institute, fails to solve Matt’s “blindness,” he adds to his confusion by telling him he has 20/20 vision.  

A few years later, Matt and two friends, Jeeter Jones, and Kirbee Scott, listen to a blind street preacher tell the story of Blind Bartimaeus from the Bible.  Matt believes God is trying to tell him something as the blind preacher grasps his white cane and closes his message by saying, “But folks, please understand that blind Bartimaeus’ problem wasn’t his physical blindness.  You see, a person with spiritual blindness dwells in a deeper darkness than any ever experienced by a blind man with a cane.”  Soon afterward, Matt earns his driver’s license, after three attempts, with no restrictions for his eyes.  Nevertheless, he tries to drive only on roads that have double yellow lines because he needs them for a guide to help him see.  At the same time, he sees nothing at all at night.             

As years pass, Matt stumbles heavily into drug and alcohol abuse to numb the pain from his “blindness.”  And when Matt meets and falls in love with a young woman, named Janie Graber, he mistakenly believes that their relationship will fill that chasm of emptiness inside his soul.  After he quits high school, he begins working with Janie’s father.  Matt struggles visually in Graber’s machine shop, breaking his left hand twice in six months by hitting it with a hammer while punching bolt holes in gaskets.  Months later, against his wishes, Janie aborts their unborn child.  Soon afterward, PCP becomes his refuge.   A year later, after his arrest for possessing PCP, rock bottom punches him right in the mouth.  But finally, several years later, Matt begins seeing through blindness when an ophthalmologist, named Dr. John Miller, and a deacon, named Wayne Foy, enter his life and begin to shed light into his darkness.


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