To explore the topic of end-time prophecy, Leaves of Prophecy travels back in time a couple thousand years to visit prophecies that Scripture had foretold about these last days.  So what does end-time prophecy mean, anyway?  In short, it refers to the time reflected in Scripture right before Jesus returns, when there will be many trials and tribulations on the earth.  Since much of end-time prophecy will revolve around the nation of Israel, she had to be back in her land, as a country, before God could launch His end-time prophetic program.  Back in 70 A. D., a Roman general named Titus led his army into Israel and destroyed both Jerusalem and the Jewish temple.  And, consequently, Israel ceased from being a nation, and the Jewish people were dispersed throughout the world.  But in 1948, after having been dormant for one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight years, Israel miraculously became a nation once again.  And, at that time, Israel fulfilled a prophecy that God had spoken through His prophet Ezekiel 2,500 years earlier, which reads: “Thus says the Lord God, Surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, wherever they have gone, and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel...” (Ezekiel. 37:21-22).  These are just a few examples of end-time prophecies that have already been fulfilled.  And many more will yet be fulfilled, and probably even in our lifetime.

And, now, here’s a little bit about the structure of the book.  It consists of one epic poem written in a poetic form known as a pantoum.  The pantoum is one of the more demanding forms for a poet to write in.  But the painstaking effort is well worth the outcome.  The main characteristic of a pantoum is how some of the lines repeat themselves, while being logically integrated, from one stanza to the next.  I used this particular framework to write Leaves of Prophecy in because its style best conveys the apocalyptic themes of the book.  And the repetition of lines not only adds an echo-like quality to the lyrics but also reinforces the importance of what Scripture is telling us about our world today.  Leaves of Prophecy is also a Christian Choice Book Award winner, placing third in the poetry category.  And, so far, I have not yet found an author who has written a longer pantoum than the one found in Leaves of Prophecy, which is 2,400 lines!


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