Seeing Through Blindness Is A Place Where A Pen Of A Ready Writer Roams... A Place Where All That Is Seen Is Temporary And All That Is Unseen Is Eternal.

You are my guest, and it is my hope that a phrase or a passage from my books might be a shadow of inspiration that will follow you long after you finish turning their pages.

Although 99% of my vision has been darkened by an incurable and progressive eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, or RP for short, writing has given me another kind of vision.  For my pen has been like a torch, illuminating the path on which God has placed my feet.  In Seeing Through Blindness, I write a bit about where I’ve been.



“The vivid imagery in Matt's memoir quickly hooks the reader.  He writes in an unusual poetic narrative style that captures the loss he feels when he learns he has an incurable eye disease.  It changes to a kind of relief to learn that the difficulties he's faced over the past eleven years has an actual name.  As Matt physically sits in the driver's seat of his Mustang, through his superb storytelling style, he invites the reader on his halting journey as he examines the events of his past in light of his new-found discovery.  The reader sits in the Mustang with him in the passenger's seat, experiencing the confusion, the fears and the escapism that lead up to that pivotal night.  His memoir ends on a positive note of grace that leaves no doubt in the reader's mind the strength Matt taps into to cope with his diagnosis.  His transparency sheds light on what losing your sight really feels like.  It's a poignant story of loss, faith and gains.  I have RP and can relate to his feelings on a personal level, but even if I didn't, I'd highly recommend this book” (Amy Bovaird, author of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith).


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